Courage, Foresight, Freedom

Courage to change. 

The foresight to implement.

The freedom to make your own decisions.


We support our customers in making the right decisions.

We accompany our clients into change.

We help them to succeed.

Who we are

NeRo - Conseiller is a team of internal and external specialists in the following areas. Our experience of many years is crucial to success in optimal consulting. 


NeRo - Conseiller builds on the strengths of each customer, takes his point of view and discusses with him, which way is taken together, in order to convert the decided. 


NeRo covers the following areas:

- Change Management

- finances

- Real Estate Investments

- Coaching/Training

Foto Robi.jpg

Robert Nef began his career in the financial industry in 1993 with an apprenticeship at Seeland Bank SB in Nidau.

Following the merger in 1994, he worked for Swiss Bank Corporation, which merged into UBS in 1998.

From 2012, Robert Nef was responsible for the supervision of members of the Group Executive Board and entrepreneurs.

The change from UBS to Julius Baer took place in the summer of 2015. Robert Nef and Julius Baer parted ways in December 2017.


As a shareholder and consultant at various companies, he supported them in the areas of finance and coaching before founding NeRo - Conseiller.